Believe in the holistic development of human resource so that one day a better life for everyone becomes a reality. This requires on our part an infallible and unwavering faith in people that given an opportunity people as a community unit have the potential and the wisdom of becoming the architect of change and author of its own density.

Our effort is to facilitate the process of change through training, interventions, where in a contextual learning environment is created. People in the context of their life situation learn, understand, interpret and strive to transform their world that is more caring and just.

Thus, training itself takes on a new – role
a) It becomes an essential part of the development process.
b) It offers, an opportunity for the people to get involved participate meaningfully, share their experience and contribute their "wisdom of the soil" in their own development.
The underlying theme of our work is to function as a catalyst in the process of building peoples institutions, where people become the sole builders and gradually reach a stage, where they can confidently say " we did it ourselves" and "We can do it ourselves". We, see ourselves as facilitators in the process who would eventually withdraw at some point in the community development process.