HIMAD Education Extension and Training Centre:

Background :-
HIMAD Education Extension and Training Centre (formally known as Education Centre) , It is conceived as centre of resource, education, knowledge sharing, debate and creativity that promotes new modes of thought related to Human rights, Equality, Sustainable Development, Social Change, Democracy and social justice. It is a democratic, participatory and interactive learning and action platform to broaden the horizon of innovation, ideas and creative development. It brings citizens, civil society, organizations, opinion makers, activists, academicians, researchers, policy makers, students, government authorities, media, and build network for public concerns and action. It is a place of intersectional interaction for the empowerment of poor and marginalized community. Providing all these in a centre we function as a catalyst in the process of change.

Vision :-
Education centre is one of our approaches to broaden our human right perspective work to larger extent. It will work as a resource and knowledge centre to social change processes in the region on one hand and provide action based education to development worker worldwide. We strive to create small evidences of sustainable and democratic development to advocate for larger changes in system.

Outreach Strategy :-
Education Centre focuses on knowledge generation, information gathering, analyzing and dissemination of them in order to create meaningful change in the favor of poor and marginalized people. We employ following strategy to achieve above.

  • Community Development Activities in the villages
  • Training and capacity development of social activists, students, CBOs, community etc
  • Orientation, consultation and interface with policy maker, authorities and leaders.
  • Training, workshop, seminars and Research
  • Developing sustainable model of eco /village truism and development in the premise of education centre for sustainability and demonstration.
  • Mentoring volunteers and interns nationally and internationally
  • Training and capacity development program at education centre are primarily supported by learning and experiences of HIMAD's grass root action, social mobilization and community empowerment in nearby villages. These outreach grass root intervention makes learning cycle complete and comprehensive.


    Our Training Programmes :-

    Training has been a core activity for HIMAD since its inception. HIMAD run workshops and training programmers for awareness on human rights and empowerment. Our training programmes include:

  • Issue based workshops for development workers and activists such as gender perspective, human rights, people centered advocacy, rights based approach, social mobilization and organization, Panchayats, rural entrepreneurship etc.
  • Training on issues of community empowerment with community such as domestic violence, child rights, family life education, micro finance, CBO formation, entrepreneurship, legal provisions, mother and child health, RCH, HIV/AIDS, income generation and citizen rights and entitlements etc.
  • Training on issues of organization development with office bearer of voluntary organizations such as social revision, organization development, corporate social responsibility etc.
  • Mentoring and orientation for volunteers, interns and students interested in contributing in social change process.
  • Education centre provide experienced and highly professional trainers and facilitators to its training programs. Regionally acclaimed trainer of education centre known for using democratic, interactive and participatory training methods.

    Capacity and Services for training and workshops :-
    Education Centre is a well-equipped training centre, which provides their services relating to training and excellent logistic support. Far from city pollution and noise, education centre is situated in rural surrounding in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand (India). Centre premise consist beautifully constructed building and more than one hectare of agriculture land. It is surrounded with beautiful pine trees with clear view of snow covered mountain and Alaknanda river of Himalaya. Building comprises of two floors having well-equipped and fully furnished rooms, lobby, training halls, meeting rooms, library, furnished hostels and dormitories, big dining hall and delicious kitchen. It has capacity to host 40 participants at a time. Apart from this, centre has agriculture land with green vegetables, lentils and fruit tree. In future cow and buffalo will also be added to provide ecological dairy product to the centre.

    Education Centre has perfect environment and facilities for education and trainings. Voluntary organizations, donor Agency, Academic institution or civil society organization intend to organize training programs in peaceful location surrounded by ever green pine tree; river and mountains are welcome to avail our facilities.

    Facilities Available :-

  • • Social revision
    • Organization development
    • Documentation- and reporting technique
    • Interview- and evaluation technique
    • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
    • Micro finances
    • Sustainable development
    • Social entrepreneurship
    • Family life education
    • Group formation
    • Situational analysis
    • Acting as method for mobilization
    • Yoga
    • Internships ( different focus on the subjects of the students)
    • Empowerment .
    • Health
    • HR and CR)

  • Featured Trainings/Courses
    Courses at HIMADs education centre

  • ·  Social revision
    ·  Organization development
    ·  Documentation- and reporting technique
    ·  Interview- and evaluation technique
    ·  CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
    ·  Micro finances
    ·  Sustainable development
    ·  Social entrepreneurship
    ·  Family life education
    ·  Group formation
    ·  Situational analysis
    ·  Acting as method for mobilization
    ·  Yoga
    ·  Internships ( different focus on the subjects of the students)
    ·  Empowerment .
    ·  Health

    ·  HR and CR)

  • Social revision

    Description :-
    The course is to give the participants the opportunity to theoretically and practically understand the process of social revision. The participants will receive information of the outcome of using social revision in their organizations. The course is carried out during 30 lecture hours and four days. All parts of the course are important for a complete understanding and it is crucial that the participants take the whole course to be able to use the knowledge fully. The course will be held in the form of seminars, using workshops as main tool and the participant’s contribution in the form of discussion is a large part of creating understanding of the material.

    Organization development

    Description :-
    The course turns to people who are working in NGOs or in GOs. The course will give the participants the possibility to understand the concept of organization development both practically and theoretically. The course is to create knowledge of how to improve the organizational structure they work in and by that control the life cycle of their organizations. The course contains of lectures and workshops where the participants will contribute with examples and their own experiences. The course divides 30 H on four days. It is crucial that the participants attend all four days to be able to use the information they receive in an effective way.

    To apply for financial means

    Description :-
    The course turns to members of organizations who are in need of creating financial means is order to survive or be more effective and raise their capacity. The course is mainly based on theoretical material and tutoring, where the rules and regulations of applications to the Indian Government as well as international funders. Advice and information of content in the applications will be handed out during the course that will increase the possibility of receiving funds. Mainly Indian NGOs should be interested in this course but can if interest is found also be given to international NGOs. The course of 15 H is divided on two days.


    Documentation- and reporting technique

    Description :-
    The course turns to organizations who are applying for governmental and international funding and by that are in need to report back to their funders. This course will provide for documentation- and reporting skills to funders and to keep the organization transparent and increase their accountability. This course can be seen as a step two of “To apply for financial support” and the content of the course is adjusted for Indian NGOs even though international NGOs can apply for the course as well.


    Interview- and evaluation technique

    Description :-
    The course turns to participants of NGOs, schools, universities or GOs who have the wish of increasing their knowledge in interview- and evaluation technique. The course has both practical and theoretical content where the participants will practice the techniques empirically. The course is divided into two parts and the participants can chose to join in only one of the elements. The course is six days long á 50 H. Two days of interview technique and four days of evaluation technique.


    Participatory democracy

    Description :-
    These courses can be applied for by individuals who are part of organizations or work where as teacher or instructor and who want to increase their pedagogy. The course is divided in three elements where three different methods of teaching are presented. These methods are alternative and can be seen as a complement to already received knowledge about teaching. These methods are built on the ideology of participatory democracy and are created to increase understanding and communication in situations where authority, bureaucracy and prejudice are taking place. This course is about teaching these methods in practice and not just how to use them. The methods will be practically learned during the course where the participants will be using the methods them selves. The theoretical part of the course will provide information about the psychological gains that the use of these methods brings as well as the role of the tutor. The course is 6 days long, each method is given two days and has a total of 50 H.


    Training Facilities
    Physical Resources :-

    Facility Details Price / Donation
    Guest house Accommodation
  • 3 Rooms with 2 beds
  • 2 Room with 3 beds
  • (with attached bathrooms & toilet, study desks and personal storage)
  • 1000 Rs per room
  • 1500 Rs per room
  • excludes meals, breakfast and tea
  • Dormitories
    3 dormitories with 27 beds
    (with attached bathrooms & toilet, study desks and personal storage)
    200 Rs per bed per day excludes meals, breakfast and tea
    Conference Hall
  • Accommodates 35 people
  • LCD projector
  • Luxurious ground sitting

  • Accommodates 35 people
  • without LCD projector and sitting mattresses, mike.
  • 2000 Rs per day

  • 1200 Rs per day
  • Conference Meals Vegetarian and non-vegetarian 200 Rs for each Vegetarian and 300 Rs for each non-vegetarian meal.
    Refreshment and Breakfast
  • Breakfast with tea/coffee
  • Refreshment- Tea/coffee with biscuits
  • 80 Rs morning breakfast and 50 Rs two refreshment in a day per head.
    Conference Services
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Facilitator or trainer
  • Digital Cameras,
  • Laptop and Equipments
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Local transport
  • Photocopy
  • Laser printout
  • Hindi and English Typing
  • White board marker, Chart, Flip chart
  • 2000 Rs per day
  • 1500 Rs per day
  • 600 Rs per day
  • 500 Rs per day
  • As per bill
  • 60 Rs per hour
  • As per bill
  • 3 Rs per page
  • 10 Rs per page
  • 25 Rs per page
  • As per bill
  • Package for boarding and lodging Two main meal, breakfast, two refreshment, night stay 1200 Rs. for veg and 1500 for Non veg

    Human Resource/faculty :-

    Area of Specialization Name of Trainer Qualification Experience
  • Gender Perspective
  • Organizational Development
  • People Centered Advocacy
  • Health Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Dr. D.S.Pundir
  • Master of Political Science and Social Work
  • PG diploma in Mass communication
  • Certificate in Participatory Research and Evaluation
  • 25year work experience with grass root
    and international organization
  • Children Rights
  • CBO formation
  • Youth Mobilization and Networking
  • Umashankar Bisht
  • Post Graduation, Social work
  • 15 years of training experience in HIMAD
    and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport, GOI
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Social Mobilization
  • Devendra Negi
  • Master of Social work
  • Post Graduate in Rural Development
  • 08 Years of training and capacity
    development experience
  • Maternal Health and Rights
  • Gender Perspective
  • Hemlata Bhatt
  • Master of Sociology and Social Work
  • Certify trainer from Health and Family Welfare
  • 15 years of training experience in HIMAD
  • Caste Integration
  • CBO formation and Networking
  • Sudha Negi
  • Master of Sociology 13 years of training experience in HIMAD
  • - Livelihood Rights
    - Organic Agriculture
    - Natural Resource Management
    - Micro finance Rajbar Bisht
  • Post Graduation, Sociology and Social work
  • 10 years of training experience in HIMAD
  • Social Mobilization
  • Organization Building
  • Adolescence and puberty
  • Child Right
  • Prabha Rawat
  • Post Graduation, social Work
  • 10 years of training experience in HIMAD
  • Children Participation
  • Adolescent right and development
  • Health
  • Geeta Pundir
  • Intermediate
  • 10 years of training experience in HIMAD

    International Volunteer Program

    HIMAD have long experience in mobilizing youth in development activities. Together we provide a platform to volunteers to contribute meaningful in society, creates system for knowledge exchange and channelize energy, innovation and ideas of volunteer in fruitful progress of poor people in Himalaya of Uttarakhand (India). Since year 2002, HIMAD is hosting volunteer from Sweden though ABC-Active Aid, Sweden. ABC provides preparation courses in Sweden for volunteer in order to perform successful volunteer ship in India. HIMAD in India provides sufficient introduction, orientation and cultural competence information to the volunteers. In order to execute volunteer program we offer following in India:-

  • Orientation and Introduction of local culture, work, locality and basics of logistics.
  • Safe and excellent boarding, lodging and support facilities in Education centre
  • Helps in designing, implementation and follow-up of mini projects for the benefit of local poor people.
  • Bridging communication between local community and volunteers.
  • Mentoring and Supportive guidance from highly qualified and experienced social activists of HIMAD.
  • Highly professional working conditions.
  • Well equipped library
  • Sight seen and cultural exposure, fun time.
  • International Volunteer Programme is an opportunity to broaden the horizon of innovation, ideas and creative development. If you are interested in contributing positive, catalyzing change in Uttarakhand Himalaya and willing to learn from cultural exchange, we offer you an unique opportunity through our international volunteer program. Visit www.abcsweden.org for more detail about volunteer from Sweden. We also willing to host volunteer from other countries. Interested candidates/institutions may contact at himadeducation@gmail.com

    Internship (4 to 16 weeks)
    The aim of the course is to give students practical experience in how fieldwork carried with alternative methods and thereby increase the students´ knowledge as complement to their studies. HIMAD is working with exchange programs to create capacity development and that aspect is crucial also in the internship program. Back in their home the students will use and spread their knowledge by writing essays or to use the knowledge in their future studies.

    The internship at HIMADs education centre is focusing on national and international students who wish to perform their semester of internship in HIMAD. The internship is 6 to 16 weeks long and each intern has a personal tutor for the program. The intern will live at the centre and will both theoretically and practically work at the centre as well in the field with HIMAD. The intern will share his/ hers knowledge by holding seminars or lectures and will thereby contribute to HIMAD's work.

    Depending on the major the intern has, different focus on the internship can be chosen to suit the interns’ education. Thus, no matter of focus all courses is centered on South and India.

    Students who are writing their thesis’ can also be included in this program and gather information from HIMADs program in order to receive the empirical data needed. HIMAD will in these cases provide a tutor within the HIMAD staff and the student will pay a tutoring fee as well as rent for the accommodation. Interested candidates/ institutions may contact @ himadeducation@gmail.com ,+91-9412030554.

    Contact :-
    The centre is located at Rikholi, about 27 km away from Gopeshwar. The centre is surrounded by the Himalayan forest, mountain peaks and valleys. It is located around 200 Kilometer from Rishikesh towards Badirnath on the national highway no 58.

    Contact :-
    HIMAD Education Extention and Training Centre
    (Himad Shiksha Prasar Awam Prashikshan Kendra)
    Rikholi, hadakoti, Chamoli : 246446 (Uttarakhand), India
    Email: himadeducation@gmail.com
    Phone - +91 9412030554, +91 9410528977, +91 9410127649
    Webpage: www.himad.org