Alternative development for the resource management of Human, Agriculture, Water, Energy, and Tourism etc. & educate people for it.

Implement and monitoring the development programme for unable & deprived groups mostly Women, Children, SC, ST, Physically Handicapped, and Backward classes.

Organize the behavioral and action research in the field of Socio- Economic & Communication. Documentation of people heritage.

Develop the co-ordination and inter relation between the Organization and Institution working in Himalayan region.

Publicize to produce humanism brotherhood & scientific view to reduce illiteracy, religious fallacies and conventional factors.

Motivate and trained the youth for self- employment.

Efforts to public participation in Panchayat, Legal literacy, Development programmes & appreciates them for small savings.

To get success in above objectives all other works like Publication of Books, Utilization of public communication sources and work according to the decision taken by the organizations' governing body time to time.