HIMAD, An organization to social change throw community empowerment envolved out of the initiatives of a few like- individuals who believe in themselves and other. Since its formation the main thrust is on the process of community mobilization and human resource development. The strength of our organization is that our team draws its fortitude from the belief that change is possible and attainable.


"We strive to catalyze the process of change for building just and egalitarian society."

Strategy :- HIMAD on one hand is facilitating the process of change through meaningful interventions at the grassroots such as community development activities and training. And on the other hand it is striving to build upward linkages to develop a mass movement to address the macro-level issues.

Community development activities and training creates contextual learning environment. People in the context of their life situation learn, understand, interpret and strive to transform their world into a just and egalitarian world.

Thus, training itself takes on a new- role- It becomes an essential part of the community development process. Building upward linkages offers, an opportunity for the people to get involved, participate meaningfully at all levels, share their experiences and contribute their "inherent wisdom" to their own development.

Area of Operation :- HIMAD since it's inception operating its activities in higher Himalaya of Uttarakhand. All above projects are operating by organization in four Development Block of Chamoli District i-e Karanpryag, Pokhri, Dasholi , Ghat and dehradun.