We at HIMAD, place a high premium on team spirit and teamwork, on the premise that our organization can become effective to the effectiveness of the individuals who make up the team. Therefore, for a considerable duration we functioned as an informal and unregistered group. Set out to build our own capacity, each individual member attempted at internalizing the concept of development and building a strong foundation through exposure and experimental learning. The formality of registration was eventually completed, when all the members felt well- prepared to work as a team, towards a common goal. Today our team has a blend of dedication purposefulness and perseverance aptly supported by the exuberance of the youth and the wisdom of the experienced. We however continue at regular intervals to respond effectively to the challenges of our team.

S.No. Name Address Designation Occupation
1. Dr.D.S.Pundir
S/o Shri H.S.Pundir
E-16, Shivlok Colony, Dehradun. President Social work
2. Mr. Surendra Singh. Rawat
S/o Shri Narayan Singh
Vill. Silangi, P.O. Kanchula, Dist. Chamoli. Vice President Social work
3. Mr. Satyendra Parmar
S/o P.S.Parmar
Mandir Marg, Gopeshwar, Chamoli Treasurer Business
4. Mr. Umashankar Bisht
S/o Shri K.S.Bisht
Forest Gate, Mandal Road, Gopeshwar Secretary Social Work
5. Mrs. Sudha Negi
W/o Tajwar Negi
Vill & P.O. Gauchar Chamoli Joint Secretary Social Work
6. Mr. Yadhuveer Singh
S/o Shri Kundan Singh
Vill. Moli, P.O. Kanchula Dist. Chamoli. Member Teaching
7. Mrs. Prabha Rawat
W/o Shri J.S.Rawat
Vill. Siroli, Post. Mandal Dist. Chamoli Member Social Work

Core Team:
To implement plan set by Executive committee a core team of skilled staff from every program area of organization, leaders from target community and some members form executive committee is constituted which has right to perform day to day activities.